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Rocky Harbour is the largest community in Gros Morne National Park and is centrally located for touring our World Heritage Site. While our history has been closely linked with the fishing and the forest industries, Rocky Harbour has grown into Newfoundland's top tourism community. [More]

Posted: Sept 22, 2011 11:05 am NFLD

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Town of Rocky Harbour
Located at 73 Main Street
P.O. Box 24
Rocky Harbour, NL A0K 4N0

Phone: (709) 458-2376/2299
Fax: (709) 458-2293

Town Staff

Town Clerk - Manager, Debbie Reid
Tel: (709) 458-2376/2299

Town Clerk Assistant, Viola Piercey
Tel: (709) 458-2376/2299

Public Works, Colin Wight
Tel: (709) 458-2376/2299

Public Works, Bill Ellsworth
Tel: (709) 458-2376/2299

Mayor & Councillors

Tony Major
Home: (709) 458-2367

Deputy Mayor
Frank Piercey
Home: (709) 458-2316
Cell: (709) 458-7694

Morgan Anderson
Home: (709) 458-2568
Cell: (709) 458-7236

Patricia Cullihall
Cell: (709) 458-7511

Wilfred Ellsworth
Home: (709) 458-2765
Cell: (709) 458-7153

Trina Reid
Home: (709) 458-2126
Cell: (709 458-8198

Rodney Shears
Cell: (709) 638-0261

Town Website Maintenance

Contact: Marc Bastarache

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Email us to post your announcements on our town website. We will do our very best to post your message as quickly as possible.
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Sign our Website Guest Book !!
Let us know how much you enjoyed your trip to Rocky Harbour.. Publish your experiences for others to read.. We plan to preserve guest book entries for many years to follow.. Be one of the first participants to add comments.. [View Guest Book]

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Rocky Harbour - From Past to Present
Take a few minutes out of your day for an interesting read on past times of Rocky Harbour. From the first settlers to the establishment of a successful tourism industry, our town has come a long way. [Read Our History]

Posted: Sept 16, 2011 1:55 pm NFLD